The most recent [Matrix-as-MIMI ("Matrix as a Messaging Framework" or "Linearized Matrix") document](https://turt2live.github.io/ietf-mimi-matrix-framework/draft-ralston-mimi-matrix-framework.html) I can find is more or less a summary of Matrix as it is. In my opinion, this is bad. * It seems to still mandate that the entire message history be available at all times. Some services cannot or don't want to do it. * It's still using Matrix-style messages, which is cool and all, but I'd definitely rather use standard typing that's already well understood: MIME types. I am in support of MSC1767-style "mixins" and extra fields being allowed, but we should be using MIME types for most things. * The odd arbitrary `mxc:` URIs for media need to go. I'm not sure if it's even standard but HTTPS URIs should be the go-to. Even for existing Matrix stuff. It just complicates resolution, even if in theory it would let you change the "real" subdomain of the server -- you're never going to do that anyway. * It still mandates Matrix style IDs. Nobody likes the odd Matrix style IDs. They just make things more confusing. It's not intuitive, it's not pronounceable, it's just confusing. * Individual mixins shouldn't be a part of the spec, implied or otherwise. We should have a registry for publicly-useful mixins, types, and states. In all honesty, I'd like to write a better spec, but I don't know enough about the federation mechanics to do that. Such a spec should be heavily inspired by, but ultimately independent from, the existing Matrix spec; basically, a summarized version, but complete, better, and respective of existing, easy to use standards like MIME types. --- ## Possible MIME structures Irrelevant fields omitted. ```json { "type": "text/plain", "content": { // `body` is used as a JSON-stringified body. It could be binary. "body": "This is a plain text body.", "m.automated": true } } ``` ```json { "type": "multipart/alternate", "content": { // Multipart types use `parts`, where each item is a part "parts": [ { "type": "text/markdown; variant=CommonMark; lang=en_US", "body": "# This is a CommonMark document in English!" }, { "type": "text/markdown", "body": "This is probably original or GFM markdown, and it could be in any language. Don't allow any special formatting." } ] } } ``` ```json { "type": "application/json", "content": { // JSON types do not use the body field "first": "John", "last": "Doe", "age": 48 } } ``` ```json { "type": "image/png", "content": { // you can use url in place of body to look up the contents; usually this is only done for media types but no such mandate is made "url": "https://example.org/cat.png" } } ```